Hail is a relatively common weather phenomenon during Colorado summers. While not every hail storm is severe, it doesn’t take much to damage homes and vehicles. Your roof is likely the first point of contact for falling hail, which means it’s most likely to be damaged in a storm. Here’s why you should always have a roof inspection for hail damage if you suspect your roof has been affected.

Hail Damage Causes Moisture + Structure Issues

When a roof is damaged due to hail, it may allow water to enter the underlayment and even permeate to your home’s exterior. This can cause serious ongoing water damage to your attic, ceilings, and even the structural components of the home. Moisture that gets into wood and insulation affects more than just your home’s appearance; it can lead to heat loss, permanent structural damage, and more. It may also create entry points for wildlife.

What Size Hail Will Damage a Colorado Roof?

You may wonder what size hail it takes to cause damage to your roof. It takes less than most people think, especially if your roof is older or has already been damaged. Any hail that is one inch or larger has the weight to do serious damage. The only way to know for sure whether the size of the hail has damaged the roof, and that’s by having a roof inspection for hail damage. A roofing company like Precision Exteriors can come out to your home and quickly diagnose the problem.

How Hail Damage is Repaired

When a roof needs to be repaired because of hail damage, its condition will have to be evaluated before determining how to proceed. Precision Exteriors Restoration conducts a thorough inspection for our clients to be sure your repaired or replaced roof will be secure and won’t cause future water damage. In many cases, hail that has fallen all over the roof will make it necessary to complete a full replacement. However, it’s possible that the damage is centralized and can be repaired without needing to replace every component of the roofing materials.

Roof Repair for Hail Damage in Colorado

Any time a roof is damaged, it’s important to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This will help prevent water damage and other permanent issues. Precision Exteriors is here to help you get your roof fixed quickly. We offer emergency roof repair for leaky roofs after a hail storm. We can also help you determine whether your roof needs a complete replacement. Our team is used to working with homeowners insurance companies to document damage and get your claim approved. If you’d like us to come take a look at your roof and inspect old or new hail damage, give us a call at (720) 408-1840. You can also submit your information online and we’ll be in touch to schedule an inspection.