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CO Storm Damage Repair Made Easy

CO Storm Damage Repair Made Easy

CO Storm Damage Repair Made Easy

After one of Colorado’s frequent hailstorms, we encountered a homeowner that had recently retired. He was working on remodeling and upgrading his home and was concerned that his home had suffered damage in the storm. We completed an inspection that revealed that his roof was indeed in need of repair. 

His insurance company covered the complete replacement of his roof and the code upgrades required. He now has a new roof with several upgrades that should last his entire retirement, all for only the cost of his insurance deductible.

Referrals— The Greatest Compliment

As a bonus, we were able to help this customer’s neighbor, too! His neighbor had filed an insurance claim to repair his storm damage but was only approved for repairing portions of the roof. Our customer was so happy with his experience with Precision that he recommended giving us a call to see if we had a second opinion.

During our inspection, we determined to properly repair the roof and maintain a uniform appearance, a full replacement was necessary. We also discovered the storm had caused damage to the gutters and siding as well. 

Our team takes great pride in making sure the repairs are done right and helping our customers navigate every step in the process, so after thoroughly documenting the damage to the property we submitted an estimate to the insurance company on their behalf, and a new adjuster was sent out to reassess the damage.

The new adjuster agreed with our assessment that a full replacement was necessary. By calling our crew for a second opinion, this customer was able to receive an entirely new roof and gutters and fix the damage to their siding for just the price of their deductible out of pocket.

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